as of 2020, i have a huge repository of zine online for free distro


over the years i have given away, traded and sold plenty of zines

at one point i was half of a disto called hoojemapflap

i've tabled at events in london, mulheim, brighton, bradford, sheffield and so on

various zines have been distributed at various places including sticky in melbourne (wow it turned 18 in 2019!), the cowley clubin Brighton, the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam, milada RiP in Czech Republic, punker bunker, bluestockings bookstore in NY, Freedom i London und so weiter. erode...

zine library

2020 - The zine library has been set up again!!


We used to have a zine distro and take it to various events. We represented at the Alternative Press Fair, the London Zine Symposium, Bradford Zinefest and a load of gigs. The now historical website is still up.